Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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At VCU Health, you have access to an exceptional team of specialists — all dedicated to the wide range of women’s care you might need. Our sole focus is on women and their unique health concerns. And that’s our commitment throughout your lifetime. We’re the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Virginia Commonwealth University and VCU Health. Our team includes physicians and medical school professors dedicated to teaching, research and service — to you.

We have a national and international reputation for our innovations and care. As part of a prestigious academic medical center, each of us is dedicated to improving our skills, seeking the latest in training, showing exceptional compassion and teaching the next generation of physicians to excel in obstetrics and gynecology. Together in the classroom, in the research lab and at your side, we look intently for the next big breakthrough in our specialty areas. And the motivation for this special focus is you, to improve your health and your life. And the lives of the next generations of women.

So, for routine care or specialized treatment, count on us at every stage of your life.

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Our mission is simple. Education is what we are about — education is what makes us different, education is why we are here. Everything we do must be measured by its contribution to education. Service to the community is an integral component of our education mission. High-quality, innovative health care for the women of Virginia is fundamental to our effort to educate the physicians and specialists of the future. Furthermore, research that continuously expands the limits of our knowledge about diseases of women is also a critical component of our education effort. Without cutting-edge research, the quality of our education is suspect. Therefore, although service and research are critical in support of education, it is education that is our top priority. Service and research must be measured by their contribution to our primary mission of education.

Education: Undergraduate and graduate medical education of the highest quality taught by committed, superior faculty.

Service: Health care of the highest quality for the women of the commonwealth, incorporating contemporary innovation in a caring and attractive environment.

Research: A commitment of the expansion of knowledge and understanding of both physiology and disease relevant to the female reproductive tract through innovative, state-of-the-art research efforts.


In order to provide the best possible undergraduate and graduate education in obstetrics and gynecology, supported by high-quality patient care and innovative research, the department carefully balances the strengths of sub-specialization and general practice. All faculty are committed to teaching and scholarly pursuits, as well as high-quality patient care.

A strong cadre of generalists in obstetrics and gynecology combined with strength in each of the recognized sub-specialist areas provides the necessary support for graduate and undergraduate education while encouraging aggressive scholarly investigation. We endeavor to find common ground for the alignment of department goals and welfare with individual professional goals and welfare. The department administration carefully coordinates the strengths and talents of each individual faculty member with the needs of the department and provides the necessary facilitation to lead the alignment of individual and departmental efforts.